Allen Visits Museum, Gets Update on 2011 Plans

Former Governor and U. S. Senator, George Allen, recently visited the Robert Russa Moton Museum for a tour and update on Moton 2011.

Allen was welcomed by museum president Bob Hamlin, director Lacy Ward, Jr., and chair of the development committee, Joy Cabarrus Speakes. Also joining in welcoming Allen were exhibit designer, Terry Ammons of Studio Ammons, and Prestige Construction’s Kenneth Jones.

“George Allen is a longtime supporter of the Moton Museum,” Ward noted. “As Governor, he encouraged early economic development efforts of the museum through his Opportunity Virginia initiative. As Senator, he led the Faith & Politics Institutes’s pilgrimage to the Prince Edward County.”

Allen commented that, “the historic Moton Museum presents a truly significant, authentic, human and legal story of the brave quest for the advancement of equal opportunities for all to achieve their American dreams.”

Allen continued, “I enjoyed seeing the progress that has been made in the four years since I last visited the Museum. I’m impressed with its leadership and its dedication to accuracy as well as its use of technology to present this compelling story. It is heartening to see the results of the generosity of so many in support of the Museum and its mission.”