Mrs. Joy Cabarrus Speakes Honored


The Moton Family Challenge & Friends honored Mrs. Joy Cabarrus Speakes (pictured-left) on August 11th for her volunteer work with the Moton Museum. Mrs. Speakes was honored for being a dedicated volunteer and visionary who has helped over the past decade to advance the museum and spread the Moton Story to individuals near and far in a powerful way. Mrs. Speakes helps to deliver education programming and continues to be a key museum fundraiser as the Chair of the Moton Development Committee. Her visionary efforts have led to the creation of the Moton Family Challenge and the Moton Family Challenge Scholarship Program which have both been key to the museums success. Mrs. Speakes continues to leave a powerful legacy that is rooted in providing powerful educational opportunities to the next generation of young learners.

Photos from the Joy Cabarrus Speakes Celebration  

Speakes Honored РArticle from the Farmville Herald РApril 24th, 2018