Rev. Eric Griffin’s Sermon, “Unfinished Business” Available for Download

During the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Robert Russa Moton High School Student Strike, we were honored to have Reverend Eric Griffin deliver a moving sermon titled, “Unfinished Business” during the Johns-Griffin Day ceremony.  Remembering the work of his father, Rev. L. Francis Griffin, Sr., and the courage and dedication of Barbara Johns, Rev. Griffin spoke to the power of faith and the on-going trust we place in future generations.

“Someone else will finish the work we have begun. This is a fact of life; it is a fact about the created order of things that is irrefutable. .. In the case of my father, much of his work that he began has already been carried on by others and is continuing even till this day to be carried on. .. For the story of life is the story of unfinished business.” ~ Rev. Eric Griffin

Click here to download a text copy of Rev. Griffin’s sermon,”Unfinished Business.”