‘The Loving Story’ Screening and Discussion July 25th at the Moton Museum

Photo Credit: Grey Villet

Please join us at the museum at 6:30pm, Wednesday, July 25th for a free screening of the acclaimed documentary, The Loving Story, followed by an audience discussion led by Longwood University’s Dr. Larissa Smith Fergeson, Virginia Tech’s Dr. Peter Wallenstein, Greenwood Library Dean Suzy Szasz Palmer, and Cornell University Professor of Law emeritus Mr. Larry I. Palmer.

This award-winning documentary chronicles the story of Richard and Mildred Loving, a Virginia interracial couple arrested for miscegenation in 1958.  The Lovings spent nine years fighting for the right to go home and live together as man and wife.  They did not start out as civil rights activists, but their tenacious legal battle to justify their marriage changed history when the Supreme Court unanimously declared Virginia’s anti-miscegenation law — and all race-based marriage bans — unconstitutional.

Click here to view the film trailer and for more information.

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» Amanda Baldwin said: { Aug 1, 2012 - 03:08:30 }

Hi Mr. Ward and greetings to your wonderful staff. It is truly amazing that you have covered Mr. & Mrs. Loving’s story, not only can this show us how far we have come as a nation, but also entail what life was like in Washington D.C during their time! Keep up the good work!