Virginia Board of Education president praises 1951 Moton strikers

Encourages students to visit and learn from Farmville

The following excerpt, written by Virginia Board of Education president Christian Braunlich, appeared in the June 15, 2014 edition of The Daily Progress.

Cainan Townsend, great-grandson of local Brown v. Board plaintiff John Townsend, and Moton associate director Justin Reid accept Brown v. Board 60th anniversary proclamation from the Virginia Board of Education, May 22, 2014. Photo courtesy of VDOE.

Today, the accomplishments of [the 1951 Moton student strikers] is commemorated at Moton High School, which is now the Robert Russa Moton Museum in Farmville.  Virginia teachers, and parents who wish to offer a lesson for their children could do nothing better than to pay a visit.

For many, the history of those days has been forgotten … or never learned.  Yet, they offer so many lessons for us… Click here to read full op-ed.